Grant Communications Consulting Group


GCCG produces a variety of publications designed to meet the communications objectives of public- and private-sector clients. GCCG handles all content, design, production, printing and distribution. Publications include:

The Educator
The Educator is a tabloid-size newspaper that focuses positive attention to  school districts through stories and photographs of students, teachers, administrators, parents, and programs that comprise the system. GCCG produces The Educator for school districts from Atlanta to Boston.

Wheelabrator News
This tabloid-size newspaper is designed to introduce the public to this waste-to-energy industry leader, a subsidiary of Waste Management, and educate the reader about the production of clean, renewable energy. GCCG produces Wheelabrator News for plants from Massachusetts to Florida to California.

MBC News
MBC News is a publication that shines the spotlight on the burgeoning biotech industry and members of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council. This newspaper focuses on the companies and individuals at the forefront of this cutting-edge industry.

Mass School Builder
Produced for the Massachusetts School Building Authority, the Mass School Builder is a newspaper that details the process by which the MSBA funds school construction throughout the Commonwealth. The newspaper highlights individual school building projects and the role the MSBA plays, from concept to completion.

The Communicator
The Communicator is a newspaper focusing on all aspects of municipal economic development. It highlights the impact of city agencies and programs on neighborhoods and the community at large.

The Connector
A newspaper dedicated to highlighting the good work undertaken by nonprofit agencies, The Connector details the positive social and economic impact these agencies have on their communities.