Grant Communications Consulting Group

Private & Nonprofit Development

GCCG offers technical assistance in the areas of economic development and nonprofit development.

GCCG offers assistance with organizational development, fundraising and strategic planning. We provide management expertise to strengthen board development; formulate strategies for the growth and preservation of organizations; and offer fundraising support for operational and capital projects.

Board development
GCCG formulates strategies for the growth and preservation of the organization. We provide guidance on how to organize an effective board and how to cultivate capacity of board members. Through our extensive network, we help nonprofits identify new board members who can bring relevant expertise to the organization.

Strategic development
GCCG provides strategy consulting to organizations to maximize the impact of their work. We generate creative, action-oriented insights and recommendations. We work with clients to implement recommendations.


GCCG cultivates relationships with individuals and foundations who want to make the world a better place. We help nonprofits secure sponsors and host successful events. We help cultivate relationships with elected officials and obtain funding through government grants and appropriations.

Public relations

GCCG develops messages, prepares and refines print material and websites, and secures compelling media coverage to raise the organization’s visibility. We help clients share their accomplishments with donors, potential donors, and the general public.

GCCG manages each aspect of real estate development to help projects succeed. We coordinate legal, design, engineering, and environmental professionals to insure smooth and successful projects. We develop government-relations and community-outreach campaigns to identify and address any hurdles to government approval and community support.

Approval process

GCCG works with community officials to help navigate through the local approval process. We simplify the city/state approval process and develop an aggressive permitting strategy to manage and minimize permitting timelines. We interface with community stakeholders, government decision makers and regulators during the permitting and zoning process.