Grant Communications Consulting Group is an award-winning publishing, public-relations and issues-management company.

On the publishing side, we produce a variety of publications, from newspapers to annual reports, for public- and private-sector clients. Included is The Educator, an award-winning newspaper created by GCCG for public school systems.

On the PR side, we develop and implement communications strategies designed to most effectively convey our clients' message. We do this through a variety of collateral materials, ranging from press releases to high-end marketing pieces.

Our issues management capabilities include community, government and media relations.

The professionals at GCCG are ready to help you enhance your image and raise your visibility.

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GCCG produces a variety of publications designed to meet the communications objectives of public- and private-sector clients.
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Public Relations

GCCG has demonstrated success in creating awareness and enhancing the image of our clients through a combination of strategic community, government and media relations.
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Marketing & Advertising

GCCG conducts multi-faceted marketing and advertising campaigns through the use of collateral materials such as annual reports, brochures, logo design, print ads and billboards.
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Private & Nonprofit Development

GCCG offers technical assistance in the areas of economic development and nonprofit development.
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